Cycle Country Plow Blade Manual Lift 15-0010

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Fits many machines with Cycle Country Push Tubes. Not designed to work with the push tubes of other manufacturers including Kolpin. 

The Cycle Country Manual Lift 15-0090 and 15-0015 replaced the 15-0010 version in order to be universal by to accommodating wider ATVs and running boards.

If you have a #15-0001 or older push tube you will be all set. If you have a #15-0070 push tube and your ATV is in the application chart above, you will need a #12-0320 conversion kit which includes the Lift Bracket required to attach the tie bar to the push tube. Contact us with questions (including if you are not sure exactly what you have in regard to push tube or for ATV fit) or for further details at 1-866-739-8727 or by email.

This lift handle is a great deal and works just as the updated version, but is not designed for the newer (wider) machines. You certainly can use the newer Manual Lift (15-0090) but why when you can same $$$?

  • Low effort, Serious lift
  • 5.5”+ of lift with as little as 25lbs (13 kg) of effort = easy to lift
  • Works universally on ATVs listed when used with Cycle Country Push Tube
  • Blade locks securely in the up position to ensure safe operation
  • Done plowing? Lift removes along with the push tube for maximum clearance during recreational use
  • MFG #15-0010
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